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Agilis EPI™ Steerable Introducer

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

Enhanced Maneuverability For Improved Access
In The Epicardial Space

Designed specifically for use on the epicardial surface of the heart, the St. Jude Medical Agilis EPI Steerable Introducer offers physicians expanded access when trying to reach difficult areas of the heart and allows improved control in EP procedures.


This product is not approved by the United States FDA.

Agilis™ EPI Steerable Introducer

The Agilis EPI Steerable Introducer enhances the range and builds on the quality and reliability of the Agilis product family, used in thousands of procedures every year.


  • Small curl design allows for access and stability on and around the epicardial surface of the heart
  • New, softer shaft developed specifically for the Agilis EPI Steerable Introducer to provide greater flexibility during epicardial procedures
  • Braided shaft allows for increased manipulation and helps provide stability
  • Atraumatic tip reduces the potential for trauma in the epicardial space
  • Auto-lock capability maintains catheter placement and lessens potential for recoil
  • Bi-directional steering control mechanism allows fine movement adjustments and aids in reaching targeted locations in the epicardial space

Agilis EPI Epicardial Access Overview

 Length: 10:03

Tech Specs

AgilisEPI Steerable Introducer

40 cm Sheath
8.5 F
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Contents: 8.5 F Agilis EPI Steerable Introducer w/Tip Marker; 61 cm Lumen Length, 40 cm Usable Length, 62cm Straight Dilator, 180 cm Super Stiff Guidewire with Finger Straightenable 3 mm "J" (1 unit per box)

Reorder Number Curl Dimension Sheath French Size Dilator French Size Maximum Guidewire Diameter (in) Curve Type Sheath Usable Length (cm)
G408333 16.8 mm 8.5 8.5 .032 Small Curl

Indications, Safety & Warnings

AgilisEPI Steerable Introducer

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Last Updated: 19 April 2013