Proclaim Elite Nonrechargeable Neurostimulation System with Burst Technology
Introducing the
Proclaim™ Elite Neurostimulation System
A nonrechargeable option packed with our premium technologies — including Burst stimulation and upgradeability.
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Thoratec is now part of
St. Jude Medical
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Expanding the Portfolio. MRI Ready Solutions.
St. Jude Medical pacemaker and ICD patients can now safely have an MRI scan.
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OPTIS(tm) Integrated System OPTIS™ Integrated System

Precisely the information you need, exactly where you need it

The color gold is a trademark of
St. Jude Medical, Inc. and its related companies.

Portico™ Valve

On Target with Precision
and Control

Prodigy MRI Prodigy MRI™ IPG

Two Therapies. One Device. Now safe for MRIs*

*Following approved MRI parameters